The Challenge

The Texas Independence Relay is composed of 36 relay legs of various lengths, totaling close to 200 miles. The course starts in Gonzales, where the spark of the Texas Revolution took place, and it finishes in the preeminent city of Houston! To tackle this formidable task, your team may have up to 12 members (your choice!), and you will have an exceptional time furthering good friendships and making new ones! You’ll encourage each other along the way while you visit the small cities of Gonzales, Shiner, Moulton, Flatonia, Schulenburg, Weimar, Columbus, Altair, Eagle Lake, Wallis, Fulshear, and Katy. Then, you’ll make your way to downtown Houston, mostly by park paths – experiencing the big city in a new way! Racing on a team with your friends in this unique format over an incomparable span of Texas steeped with momentous history all amounts to a GREAT time that you’ll fondly remember forever! This all takes place over the last Saturday and Sunday each March (March 29-30, 2025).  And, don’t forget the TIPP (Texas Independence Pajama Party) on Friday, March 28! Come and take it… if you have what it takes!


Your Epic Texas Journey

Gonzales is a wonderfully welcoming town, rich with history and attractive to tourists looking to escape the big city! Your entire team will run a small loop together around downtown, marking the commencement of your journey. You’ll enjoy picturesque rolling hills replete with blooming Texas wildflowers on perfect relay roads as you journey over rural dirt roads – even passing Sam Houston’s Tree! After leaving Gonzales, you’ll get a taste of smaller Texas towns with exceptionally large hearts! Shiner, Flatonia, Schulenburg, Weimar, and Columbus – you’ll appreciate each town’s individual flavor, but you will also note that they all possess a distinct relaxing quality. By the time your team reaches the Colorado River Bridge just east of Altair, the sun will have retired for the day.

Eagle Lake, Wallis, and Fulshear will be sleeping communities as you pass through (though at least a few will stay up to curiously observe your unrelenting journey through the night). Pressing on tirelessly toward the finish, you and your team will chase the sunrise into the morning and be warmly welcomed by Good Times Running Company in Katy!

After taking in some more breath-taking legs showcasing Houston, you’ll reach Memorial Park, THE running hub for Houston!  The very last leg before the finish is located here!  From Memorial Park, the final runner will reach Buffalo Bayou Park, which offers the finest Houston skyline views, and then wrap around Houston downtown’s north side!  Here, the teams will join their last runner for a last short run to the finish together at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, and then celebrate with pizza, medals, and more!