Red River Relay Rules

The rules for the RRR can be boiled down to three objectives:

  1.  Your safety – first and foremost
  2.  Competitive fairness – may the best teams win
  3.  Race efficiency – let’s keep things running smoothly

Teams unable to comply will get time penalties (30 or 60 minutes) or disqualification with a “request” to leave the course.


• Understand that this is an open course. ALWAYS use caution and good discretion when running/driving on the course.

• All runners must follow Texas pedestrian laws, and all drivers must follow Texas vehicular laws. In Dallas, many police officers will be directing traffic at light signals. While following their direction, make sure that you are completely aware of traffic (looking both ways) as you are ultimately responsible for your safety. (Up to DQ)

• Runners are to run where the Maps, Leg Descriptions, and Leg Directions state or where course markings indicate, crossing roads at right angles, and not cutting through intersections. (60min)

• Vehicles are to drive to the next exchange point and not drive slowly directly behind or alongside a runner. However, they may pull over from time to time in non-exchange areas, but when doing so, they need to ensure that they do not impede traffic behind them. If a runner and team find themselves to not be around other teams they may employ the practice of shadowing, where they drive ahead of the runner about 1/4 mile (keeping the runner in sight), pull over, watch the runner pass by and get ahead by about 1/4 mile, and then repeat. Again, vehicles are not to impede other teams. (60min)

• Vehicles may not park in such a way as to obscure visibility before an upcoming exchange, in a way that impedes other teams, or is otherwise unsafe.

• At night (from sunset to sunrise), all runners must wear a reflective belt or vest, and carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp. Additionally, it is recommended that ANY team members out along the course at night utilize blinkies and reflective gear as well. (up tp 60min for not running with reflective gear or for not running with a light. DQ for not having anything.)

• No open alcohol is permitted along the course. (60min or DQ)

• Runners are not allowed to wear headphones while running along roadways. (60min)

• No bicycles are allowed on the course.

Competitive Fairness

• By the finish, each team should have the legs divided between the team members as evenly as possible.  Teams of 12 should have each runner running 3 legs, teams of 11 should have 8 runners running 3 legs and 3 runners running 4 legs, etc.  If a runner unfortunately becomes ill or sustains an injury during the race, the rule still applies (just with this runner and the number of legs they ran not taken into consideration). The main of goal of this rule is to ensure that no team member feels “ripped off” by not getting their fair share of legs. (60 min) 

• In the event that a runner goes off course, they shall get back on course where they left (or at a place in which their running off course resulted in an overall disadvantage).  In short, no cutting. (30 min)

• Runners are to wear their team number while running. (30 min)

• If a team is going for the overall win, all team members must be present at the race start and the race finish.  Further, all team members must run at least 1 leg on both Saturday and Sunday.  (However, a team may seek an exception by going through a process that involves receiving consent from the other competitive teams.)

Race Efficiency

• Teams may use up to 2 vehicles (without written exception).  Further,  extra long vehicles (such as RVs or school buses) are not allowed.  However, teams may contact the race organization to discuss strategies for using such vehicles off the course (and absolutely staying out of exchange parking areas).

• In residential areas (as well as exchanges specifically referenced) between 10pm and 7am, teams are to be courteously quiet.  (30min)

• No littering, public urination, or defication.  Don’t mess with Texas!!  (up to DQ)

• Vans should avoid driving on the course going against the direction of the runners.

• Noncompliance with a request from a race official (a race volunteer is a race official) or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.  (DQ)

*All penalties for rule infractions are subject to race organization discretion.