2021 Red River Relay Registration

Registration Fee and Free Agent Details:

Registration Fees:

Regular (Through August)

Team (if paying all at once) – $1,400

Individual (if paying separately) – $140

Corporate – $1,500

Corporate Team (by Individual) – $150

Late (Through September)

Team (if paying all at once) – $1,500

Individual (if paying separately) – $150

Corporate Team – $1,650

Corporate (by Individual) – $165

All Registration Fees are non-refundable. However, teams that pay the complete team fee (not by individual) and withdraw before the close of registration (typically, a month from the event) may defer to the following year or transfer to another Lone Star Relay at no additional cost. Teams withdrawing after the registration close may enter the following year's race (or another relay) with a discount of 60% off. Relayers / Teams who pay individually will not have a deferral option, but they may find a substitute to run in their place, and Lone Star Relays will assist with the transfer at no additional cost (Email Lone Star Relays to initiate a transfer). In the event of an unforeseeable "Act of God" within the last month before a relay (such as a pandemic in which the State of Texas or a County places a moratorium on events), Lone Star Relays will transfer the team entry to another Lone Star Relay event or provide a significant discount (~70-75%) into the following year's relay.

Free Agents are typically placed on teams with location as the first criteria that is looked at. If Free Agents have a specific request or type of team that they would like to be placed on, they may email the race director and will likely be able to be accommodated. Most Free Agent placements occur in the last 2 weeks before an event. Teams that pay by individual will have first priority for Free Agents. However, teams that pay upfront may also request Free Agents, but it will be expected that these teams not ask the Free Agents to subsidize their share of the team fee.