The Challenge

Obviously, the Midnight Ice Cream Relay was born out of the 2021 TIR, that had to be rerouted to finish in another location outside Harris County.  We were sad to not use the second half of the TIR, but finding our way to the Blue Bell finish was like finding treasure.  Obviously, we all love our ice cream and Blue Bell is the best in the world and Washington County is steeped in rich Texas history.  But, beyond that, the course between Weimar and Brenham is stunningly beautiful with nice rolling hills and scenic vistas.  Also, it was undeniable that the welcoming towns and communities of Ammannsville, La Grange, Fayetteville, New Ulm, Industry, Bellville, and Chappell Hill were first class.  It was so good that several longtime friends and relayers suggested that the TIR be permanently amended to this new route, and we definitely understood their point of view.  It IS indeed a great route and adventure!  So, the decision was made to do even more – to make it its own event – the Midnight Ice Cream Relay!  It’ll be divinely delicious!

Your Epic Texas Journey

The MIC will be 24 legs (averaging around 4.5 miles) and designed for teams of 8, though teams of 12 as well as smaller teams will also be allowed.  You will start from Weimar throughout the morning and most teams will reach La Grange in the early afternoon.  Although most relayers could tell that the legs between La Grange and New Ulm were gorgeous, it was a shame they were all run in the dark!  They will be appreciated even more in the light, and teams will reach Bellville around dinnertime!  

The last portion of the course from Bellville to the finish in Brenham may be changed somewhat in order to make it just a little better.  And, while it sounds like you may not get ice cream if you don’t finish by Midnight (which almost all of you will), it’s most likely that some can be scrounged up for you even if you do finish after midnight!  If you loved the Blue Bell finish at the 2021 TIR, you’ll love it even more at the Midnight Ice Cream Relay!