The Challenge

With a distance of ~75 miles, the LIT is divided into 18 legs that average about 4 miles each.  Designed for teams of 6 (though teams of 9 as well as teams of less than 6 will be accepted), the LIT will provide the perfect precursor to the longer and larger relays.  It’s not that the LIT would be any less popular – It’s a beautiful course through a heavily wooded area that most don’t associate with Texas!   But, the smaller roads and exchange areas will not be able to accommodate a large event.  So, there will likely be limitations on the number of teams that will be able to run the LIT.

Your Epic Texas Journey

Starting near Cut and Shoot (Cleveland), the course immediately goes to the woods where you will literally be able to “get away from it all”.  The entire course could be characterized as rural (or whatever is less populated than “rural”) as a great majority of the relay is through the Sam Houston National Forest!  Around lunch time, you will arrive in the town of Coldspring, which is just a couple of miles southwest of Lake Livingston.  Then, it will be back to the deep country until you reach Huntsville.  The very last leg is not as rural as it tours Huntsville before finishing at Sam Houston Park (on the west side of Sam Houston State University)! 

Most teams will finish right around dinner time, and will be refueled – Texas style and yummy!  There are other aspects that will make the LIT stand out.  One is that the LIT will feature 2-3 “choose your own adventure” legs where the runner can choose a shorter route on a trail through the woods or a longer route on the road!