The Challenge

Some lesser marathons may be “only” 26.2 miles, but Lone Star Relays is devoted to having the proper marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards (which is 26.21875 miles) for your 2-person or 4 person relay just north of Austin, Texas!  So, you could be the proud owner of one of the biggest and most accurate oval stickers ever.  The Relay will begin at the Kalahari Resort on the east side of Round Rock, go to the East side of Cedar Park, and then back again to finish at the Resort! 

Your Epic Texas Journey

Since Kalahari is one of the most renowned indoor water park resorts, this marathon relay will be one of the finest marathon excursions around.  The start and finish will take place inside of what is referred to as “the event barn” which will surely provide you with your new athletic profile picture of choice!  This start and finish will be quite unique and super cool!

Headed out from Kalahari, you will reach the Play for all abilities park at the 2 mile mark.  At just over 4 miles, you will reach the famous Round Rock on Chisholm Trail Drive, and you will cross over Brushy Creek a couple of times as you run behind Round Rock subdivisions.  You’ll have about 5.25 miles to go when the path becomes crushed granite just beyond the Creekside swimming pool, and upon reaching Champion Park, you’ll be 9 miles into the race.  The 10th mile will be a little bit of work as you’ll climb what is affectionately called “Switchback Mountain” (lol) at about 9.5 miles.  

At Brushy Creek Lake Park, there might be an opportunity to cool off for just a bit at its sprinkler park section, and just after this you will run underneath a large boulevard called Parmer.  After going beneath Parmer, you will arrive at the next park called the Brushy Creek Sports Park.  From here, you will have just over 2 miles to go!  But, you’ll need to continue to run smart as the last two miles are just slightly uphill overall (but will likely feel more than just slightly at this point).  With just less than a half mile to go, you’ll reach the 183A overpass, and you will take 2 rights to reach the exchange point that will be located in a manufacturing-type building area which may not be so great to look at, but is fantastic logistically as a marathon relay exchange point!  

Of course, your runner on the way back will run the exact same thing in reverse!  The first runner(s) on the way out will have the advantage of cooler temps while the runners returning to the Kalahari Barn will have the advantage of a more favorable change in elevation.  It’ll be a win-win at the Brushy Creek Marathon Relay!