The Challenge

Weighing in at 140ish miles, The Texas 2-Ton Relay will be divided into 36 relay segments (averaging about 4 miles each), so while your team could have 12 runners, it will be easily customizable to run with a squad of 10 (and make it “30 legs” by combining 12 legs). Your journey will start near Hermann Park (which is located within Houston’s Medical District and has the Zoo).  Unlike most of the overnight relays, this one will start in the late afternoon (and even into the evening for a few teams).  This way, the more intense warmth of Day 1 will be avoided, and if it is warm on Day 2, you’ll simply take a dip in the water to cool off!  Throughout the night, you’ll take a tour of towns of the Gulf, and they are eager to show off their spirit!  You’ll have a great time with your friends and family, seeing new parts of the Gulf Area and finishing with a romp and party on the beach!  This all happens in Mid-June (with the first being in 2022)!


Your Epic Texas Journey

Having a great relationship with the City of Houston, we look forward to having a second relay involving this unparalleled Texas town!  The Texas 2-Ton Relay will start in Houston on a Friday, but instead of starting in the early morning, you will start in the very late afternoon (and into the evening, if you’re a fast team).  Since it is at the Medical District, accommodations (and everything else) will be plentiful to choose from. 

Right from the start, you’ll head east on the Brays Bayou Trail, taking you nearly all the way to Sugar Land. Then, in the very late night to “early morning” hours, you’ll visit the towns of Rosenberg, Needville, and Damon.  Then, in the early morning, dear friends in West Columbia and Lake Jackson look forward to welcoming you in an exceptional way!  

You’ll continue on to reach Clute and Surfside Beach, and it will still be in the AM for a majority of teams when you reach the Gulf!  From there, it will be predominately beach running until you reach the dramatic finish in Galveston near the Pier!  At that point, even though you’ll already have had more fun throughout the relay than anyone should be allowed to have, we know many of you will strive for more!